RxNT Releases Android E-Prescribing App with New Capabilities and a Revolutionary New Interface
Android EPCS App
Annapolis, MD |  June 14th, 2017

RxNT, a software solutions provider for the ambulatory healthcare industry, announced the launch of its improved Android e-Prescribing application. The enhancements of this eRx app aim to make electronic prescribing easier for the growing population of Android users. RxNT continues to be the sole provider of a certified Android application.

The updated RxNT|eRx Android app has revamped their interface which mimics the desktop solution. Physicians will be able to mirror features that are able to be viewed on  RxNT’s cloud-based desktop solution on this mobile app. On-the-go prescribing makes life easier for both the patient and the doctor by eliminating the need to be in the office to write or refill a prescription. E-Prescribing is now possible anywhere for Android users, thanks to this revolutionary app. The Android application is Surescripts and DEA certified to send both controlled and noncontrolled substances by a licensed provider and be transmitted to the patient’s pharmacy of choice.

This app is compatible with all Android devices, including phones and tablets. The app has the ability to recognize the type of device the client is using and automatically calibrates to the specific settings needed. These new features create a seamless prescribing experience for Android users.

“With electronic prescribing, the physician can be at the ballpark with his son and write a prescription for his patient. Meanwhile, his patient can be driving to the pharmacy, and by the time the patient arrives, the prescription is filled. This sounds too good to be true, but it is a reality with RxNT’s EHR through our mobile iPhone and Android apps," said Randy Boldyga, Founder, President & CEO of RxNT.

RxNT’s updated Android app features:
  • Replicated look and functions of the IOS app & desktop version
  • Recognition between phone and tablet formats
  • Minimized clicks needed to send a prescription
RxNT’s Android app can be found at the Google Play Store and downloaded free of charge. Already an RxNT customer utilizing our Android app? Review us by clicking on the Google Play Store button below!

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Networking Technology, Inc. dba RxNT, based in Annapolis, MD, develops innovative software solutions for ambulatory care practices. RxNT has been a leader in cloud-based software since 1999 with a fully integrated line of solutions including RxNT|PM (practice management), RxNT|EHR (electronic health records), and RxNT|eRx (electronic prescribing). For more information about RxNT visit us online, call us at 1-800-943-7968 Ext. 3, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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