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The Opioid Abuse Epidemic Continues

By: Kelsey Moss October 23rd, 2017 In 2016, 24% of medication-related claims involved opioids. A recent study was released last week by a medical liability insurer, Coverys, that showed painkillers account for more medical-malpractice claims related to drug errors than any

Six Ingredients for a Successful Implementation

By: Kelsey Moss September 21st, 2017 According to the CDC, 86.9% of U.S. based physicians are using an electronic health record solution (EHR). It’s 2017 and the healthcare industry is heavily dependent on technology. From government incentives and ICD-10 compliance

[Electronic Health Records] – Necessities Within Your EHR

By: Kelsey Moss March 24, 2017 The use of electronic health records (EHR) has become a critical issue in healthcare as a result of Meaningful Use requirements. At the end of 2015, Health IT reported that 86.9% of office-based physicians

5 Things to Consider in a Medical Billing Solution

By: Kelsey Moss February 16th, 2017 The complexities surrounding effective billing for your office might seem daunting, but it shouldn’t be. You just haven’t found the right solution that can make it effective billing in-house happen. Everything from procedure codes

MACRA Final Rule

By: Kelsey Moss October 28, 2017 CMS has recently released MACRA’s final rule for the newest Quality Payment Program, which begins January 1, 2017. The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act will take the place of the EHR Incentive Program

Electronic Prior Authorization Automates Workflow

By: Kelsey Moss. July 6, 2016 Tired of spending time chasing down prior authorizations? The headache has ended! Electronic Prior Authorization (EPA) automates the process of prior authorizations so physicians can submit requests in real-time. This means the era of

The Days of Phone Tag Are Over!

By: Kelsey Moss July 6, 2016 Whether you’re scheduling for multiple offices with dozens of physicians or for a solo practitioner, you are going to desire an efficient and reliable solution so that you are able to  spend more time

Wake Up America! Let’s End This Epidemic.

By: Kelsey Moss May 5, 2016 Wake up, America. The prescription drug abuse epidemic is taking the lives of people way too quickly. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, in 2014 there were over 25,000 deaths caused prescription

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