4 Warning Signs to Switch From Your Current EHR
By: Alanna Diffendal
February 24, 2017
There is an uncertain line between knowing when it’s time to switch to a new EHR or to stay with your existing solution. Luckily, for all the practices in this unclear space, Health Data Management outlined 4 red flags to help practices determine the proper time to implement a new EHR. The red flags include:

  • Sunsetting Support
If your current vendor is beginning to phase out their support  or is no longer included with your annual fee, you should be concerned. This is an immediate flag, and means it is time to switch. 

  • No Enhancements to Current System
If upgrades have halted or will no longer be made it is time to switch to a new, evolving vendor. Healthcare IT is constantly evolving to better fit practices’ needs, and when a vendor no longer makes those changes is very concerning.

  • Merging EHR Vendors - Potential Interoperability Issues
When EHR solutions go through acquisitions or mergers, solutions are left with gaps in the interoperability, which will leave its clients with an unfinished and frustrating EHR.

  • Lack of Federal Certification for Mandated Programs
Government certified solutions are growing in importance due to the creation of laws such as MACRA. In order to meet the government's requirements and avoid penalties or receive incentives, you need to make sure your EHR is up to par. If it is not, it’s time to switch.

If your current EHR vendor has ANY of these red flags, it’s time to switch. RxNT’s Electronic Health Records solution assists our clients through implementation and continued use of RxNT|EHR. We believe that continuously evolving our EHR to mimic our consumer’s needs is the top priority. Simplifying your workflow, and allowing you to focus on patient care rather than your EHR or EHR vendor is key. We are also a certified solution to help your practice meet MIPS.

Have any questions? Call us at 800-943-7968 option 3, email us at Sales@RxNT.com or click here to request a demonstration of RxNT|EHR with a product specialist now!

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